Tribe does Movember

Suicide is the leading cause of death among people 15-44 years of age and remains the leading cause of premature mortality in Australia.

Men represent the majority of these deaths with a ratio (men to women) of 3:1.

We want you to join our Tribe Movember Team!

The Tribe lads want you to join them to help change the face of men’s health and stop men dying young.

Click on the image below to hear why Tom and the Team are getting involved in Movember.

How to join the Tribe Movember Team?

To join the team, write your name on the Movember Poster at Tribe.  We will link you into the official team on the Movember website.


Team goal

The Tribe Movember Team are looking to raise 15,000 for men’s health.


Team workout

At the end of November (date to be advised), the team will complete a workout based on the amount of money raised.

At 5k raised, as individuals they’ll complete;

  • 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 squats each

At 10k raised, as individuals they’ll complete a;

  • 1k skill mill run, 200 calories on the ski-erg and 300m on the rower

Then, as a team, for every dollar raised they’ll complete;

  • 1 calorie on the assault bike

And, for every $5 raised they’ll complete;

  • 1 burpee

This will be a whole lot of fun whilst supporting a great cause.  Join the Tribe Movember Team today!