Thanks for a great 2019!

And that’s a wrap!

So long to 2019. We bid you farewell with another year full of great memories.

I feel like I repeat this every December, but this year has definitely been one of my favourites.

It’s the friendships that grab my attention. Both newly formed, and another year strengthened. It’s that bond that makes the fitness journey that little bit easier, and far more enjoyable.

We love to bring fitness and friendships to life, through the little and not so little things that we do. It’s what Tribe is about.

The little things might be the hello’s and high fives as the doors open at 5am. It might be the invite from our Tribe friend to next week’s spin class popping up in your app. Or it might be the GPT that has the same crew in week in, week out, celebrating, birthdays, weddings, babies together.
Those little things create very special memories in our Tribe.

Heading the ‘not so little’ list for 2019 was our 7-day Bali retreat June. A stand-out moment.

I really enjoy seeing the Tribe crew un-wind from the day-to-day busy lives in Sydney.

I get a kick out of seeing new friendships blossom and old ones continue.

I loved watching our Tribe enjoy the sleep ins, eat the amazing food, train hard with mates, have so many laughs and a few casual drinks.

All that comes with the luxury of time. Time for each member to spend moments to themselves, embracing the opportunity of some silence, to enjoy the yoga, the afternoon naps, the massage, the long lazy conversations with both new and old friends. All away from the usual hustle of routine.

A highlight from this year was on day 3 when we ventured to the top of Mount Batur. Departing at 2am, it is a pretty tough up-hill hike, with an elevation of 1700 metres.

We set off in little mini tribes, and the conversations flowed. Some of us walked, some strolled and some got lost – yeah Ange and Deb!

Reaching the top, we were rewarded with a spectacular sunrise, literally feeling on top of the world. It is a sensational feeling.

The ‘walk’ down was interesting for 12 Tribers. A few of us set out for the trip down the mountain.

The walk became faster. Then faster. Until 1 of us, Sam Burgess (son of Paul), decided to break into a ‘slight’ jog. Here we go.

I was behind him, so I started jogging too. The crew followed.

The pace was on.

Sam, lead us out – hard and pretty damn fast. We literally sprinted through the different terrain, all buzzing with the adrenaline!

I was too proud to let the others know how much I was hurting, but suffice to say, I was very glad when we reached the bottom.

We saw moments of gratitude amongst members over in Bali that was really special. Sharing of reflections over how much this retreat meant to different individuals. Of how much people gained within themselves from a few days invested in this retreat.

With 50 Tribers heading to Bali 2020, it is already shaping up to be another extraordinary experience.

Tribe Run School was yet again another highlight.

We trained for 10 weeks then headed to Mudgee. It is such a fantastic weekend.

The run, where we all support each other, followed by some nice local wine and great chat.

Sash Cuffe was my highlight. She ran the 10km, didn’t stop, and finished strong. Love that. It’s what its about. Kicking a goal.

I had thought heading into our 4th year of run school it was time for a change in 2020, but seriously, Mudgee. How can we not?! We’ll be back next year!!!

But the biggest highlight for 2019 has been the launch of our Captains in our Challenges.

The energy and leadership our Captains brought to their teams has me in awe.

Who can forget Team Roar? Such an incredible group. The strongest camaraderie I have seen in a challenge – lead by none other than Peter ‘can win a challenge’ Heath and his 2 Captains Ben Ross & Matt Slick.

These guys were truly outstanding.

They encapsulated the essence of the Tribe way, bringing every single team member along with them.

I knew all our Captains would be great, but I didn’t expect the level of engagement and commitment they would deliver.

It makes so much sense to have a Triber lead the Tribe. They have mastered their own health and fitness, and they have an inner desire to give back.

Plus, they are A-Grade quality humans.

Across all the Teams, our coaches thoroughly enjoyed working with the Captains. And our members loved working with them too. It astounded me the level of communication between the three levels, giving Challengers more support and accountability than we have ever experienced.

With these key ingredients, our completion rates continue to improve from challenge to challenge.

In 2013 we had an embarrassingly low completion rate of 30% (I struggled to actually write that). In November 2019 we achieved a 99% completion. Take a bow everyone.

But even more fulfilling is that our post challenge attendance is the best it has ever been.

It proves we are on the right track with bringing people together in fitness. The more people we know and connect with, the better our adherence to exercise and better health is.

It is the relationships formed during the challenge, that hold everyone in good stead for long term change and results.

Free Coffee Friday has been a part of our culture since 2012 – it’s such an awesome way to end each month. What a great way to bring people together.

We recently saw the introduction of what will now be our monthly puzzle. Solving a puzzle while talking and laughing. One member spent 7hrs at Tribe on the puzzle in one day, while another missed their class as they got so engrossed lost track of time…how good!

Congratulations to our Triber of the Year. This annual award is awarded to a Triber who embodies what we are all about. Fun, dedication to fitness, but most of all – providing support for others.

It was an easy decision for us. Dave Brown. Pretty cool guy and all-round deadset legend. And great speech DB!


Congratulations also to our 2019 Trainer of the Year. Paddy Delohery. I have been working alongside this guy since December 2005. I have had the pleasure of witnessing his growth. Outstanding Trainer. Remarkable person. His Spin is a must. He’s as tough as they come, until his 2 girls run up to him and give him a hug. Melt.

2020, our 9th year, is planned out and has the Team pretty excited.

We are passionate about supporting people in mental health. It is an area of wellness we are endeavouring to expand in, with the help of other experts in the next year. I’m really looking forward to working on these programs with our members.

We have so much in our 2020 calendar to look forward to: Our 3rd Bali Retreat, Tribe Run School, plus our first Kokoda Trek! Yep there are 25 of us taking on Kokoda in April! And of course, our much-anticipated Challenges will return in March and October. Bigger and better than ever!

You can always count on us for a twist and the Challenge kicking off March 2nd will be no different.

Lastly, I want to thank you.

Thank you for making my experience of Tribe better every year.

I love our Tribers and I love our Team.

I am blessed to be able to work with the Team that we have at Tribe. I actually get emotional when I write about our Team. Such good people.

If I was on a bus from The Shire to Perth with our entire team, it wouldn’t matter who I sat next to. I would enjoy their company and their conversation. Actually, except for Heathy. He talks wayyyyyy to much, I couldn’t get a word in!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you treasure this time of year with your family.

See you all in the New Year.