Seizure free and loving life

My life has changed because of Tribe and I’m so grateful.  I suffer Epilepsy and Type 2 Diabetes and was often advised to lose weight from my medical practitioners. About 6 years ago I had a seizure that resulted in my license being revoked for 18 months. This was the start of my weight loss journey.

Due to not having a license, was forced to walk everywhere (yep everywhere), which resulted in losing 10kg. I had a friend who was a Tribe member who spoke very highly of Tribe and encouraged me to join. Since joining Tribe I’ve shed a further 20kgs. Yes, that’s a total of 30kgs…!

I love everything about Tribe and how Tribe contributes towards my training. The classes offer so much variety, with various circuit classes, weight classes and spin. I can often be found in a Spin class, but I’m a massive fan of Group Personal Training too. These sessions provide excellent weight training and I actually feel like I’m getting a personal 1 on 1 training session. The trainers correct me if needed and it’s simply an awesome way to get a full body workout with the encouragement from other members to reach weekly goals.

Now that I’m down 30kgs, my focus is on maintaining my weight loss so my body and health remains strong.  I’ve learned a lot at Tribe. I simply couldn’t continue to eat what I was eating and expect results.  Whilst my food is not 100% all of the time, I’m much more knowledgeable and aware of what I’m eating and certainly making healthier choices most of the time.

Tribe is like a second family to me. I was keen to make friends and have definitely done this here at Tribe.  The amazing trainers and the members are supportive and encouraging. A group of us regularly go for coffee after our training and quite often catch up throughout the year to celebrate birthdays and generally have a great time out together enjoying life.

One of the biggest benefits from losing 30 kilos, is my epilepsy is now under control and I’ve managed to stay seizure free for over 5 years. This has had a massive impact on my life. Consequently, I am now the fittest, strongest and healthiest I remember ever being in my life. Thankyou Tribe!!

If you’d like to start your journey at Tribe Social Fitness, join our 3 Week Trial for 44.95 per week, for 3 weeks.  You get;

  • 5 Personal Training sessions
  • 2 Reformer Pilates (max of 6 per class)
  • Full access to all classes
  • 2 Inbody scans
  • Meal plans

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