It’s new! 2 on 1 Personal Training at Tribe

It’s new! 2 on 1 Personal Training

Quality weight training is essential to building strength, increasing metabolism and aiding to maintain healthy body weight. Not to mention fat loss!

Over the years we have progressively seen a rise in the number of members focusing on weight training at Tribe.  As a result, we are excited to introduce 2 on 1 Personal Training.

Giving you variety
We pride ourselves on offering a range of services at Tribe to keep you motivated and energised with your training.  With the introduction of 2 on 1 Personal Training, you now have even more options for your weight training.  Your options are:

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training
  • 2 on 1 Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training
  • Lift

About 2 on 1 Personal Training
Each session is 45 minutes.  It involves a maximum of 2 members with 1 Personal Trainer as your instructor.  It’s a pure weight training session where your trainer will guide you through a high-quality weights session.

Who is it for?
The progression of Weight Training at Tribe generally starts with Lift Classes then onto GPT and/or 1 on 1. We see 2 on 1 as an excellent progression for people who have been doing GPT consistently for 6 months or more.

What trainers and times are available?

Are Inbody’s and Nutrition included?
Yes! Note only applies if you have a training buddy similar to you and you book recurring.

How do I book 2 on 1 Personal Training?
When it comes to finding a training buddy for 2 on 1 Personal Training, there are two options.

  1. If you have a training buddy in mind (and you’ve both agreed you want to train together), simply let us know right now the time and trainer you’d like to train with and we will contact you to arrange. Email
  2. If you want to do 2 on 1 Personal Training and need a training buddy, you can book ‘2on1’ on the app from Monday 26 August.  This means, you and another Tribe member will train at the time slot you’ve booked into.  Like Group Personal Training you can book one off or recurring.  This means you are guaranteed the same time slot, with the same trainer, every single week.

What’s the cost?
The cost for this high quality weight training session is $50 per person for 45 minutes.

Want more information
If you want more information, contact