Bring on 2019!

Welcome back everyone. Bring on 2019! I’m already excited to support and be part of your journey this year!

I hope you all enjoyed a good break – it’s great to slow down and re-charge our batteries. Over the Christmas and New Year period, I had to concentrate for 10 seconds to figure out what day it was! I like that. It’s nice to switch off.

We have a big year ahead. One we have been planning for months.

In October 2018, I asked a Fitness Business coach to critique Tribe. It’s always good to have someone on the outside looking in.

He spent 2 weeks with us, participating in every class. He gave us some awesome feedback. Most of it we get from you guys too, so we know we are on track:

  • Walking into Tribe is fantastic. Someone at reception always says hello with a big smile. Tick.
  • Group Personal Training. I love it! 6 people is a great number. I was closely monitored. Tick. Go us!
  • It is impossible to walk from the front desk to the water fountain without someone saying hello. Tick. Tick!
  • You guys do Spin like no one else. Absolutely loved it. Kudos to you guys. Tick. Yes!
  • The gym floor area is high energy, motivating and inclusive. Tick! Shut the gate, we are going great!

There was one area in Tribe that we agreed would be fantastic to reinvent in 2019 – our circuit room. It’s time to re-energise the space, and we are pumped to give it new life.

I won’t give away the ‘how’ just yet, but from around April, you can expect to see some changes in how we run our circuit classes.

We also have our next Challenge kicking off on February 25.  It’s teams with a twist!

You won’t want to miss this. It’s been hard to work out how to top our 2018 challenge, but we think we’ve done it! More to be revealed in the coming weeks, but think Team Captains and a Coach.

And it doesn’t stop there, I’m excited for much, much, more this year.

I’m excited for the Tribe Bali Retreat. Our first retreat was incredible. But this year, we have doubled the number of trainers coming and have an awesome crew of 44 Tribers. I can’t wait to see the connections and relationships formed here.

Tribe Run School. It’s back, but with a new location. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time for post race celebrations. I know what’s important to you guys!

2019 will see our socials skyrocket – we are taking social to a new level. You can expect more opportunities to mix with your team and your fellow Tribers!  It’s all about connecting you. The older I get (yep I have hit the big 40), the more I realise it isn’t so much about the fat loss as it is about the connection. And at Tribe, the connection is real.

Let’s roll (pardon the pun) into 2019 together and make it a great year of change, fitness and fun!

I’ll finish off with a clanger, and I know it’s early to put it out there, but in 2020 I am taking a small group to take on Kokoda. This has been a bucket list item of mine for a very long time, and who better to do it with our Tribers!

We have so much ahead of us, it’s hard not to feel great about the New Year.